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2014年5月31日. 筆者は、BING SEARCH APIをPythonで使用しています。 プログラムを書いてみたけど 、APIが返してくる“HTTP Error 400: Bad Request”に悩まされたことはありませんか? 分ってしまえば「あー、何だ」といったことなのですが、気づかないと時間ばかり浪費して しまいます。 APIにアクセスすため、urllib2を使います。 以下がエラー.

I also encountered the same problem. Turns out the problem was the method was set inappropriately. When you include urlencoded data in urllib2.urlopen the method.

Jan 12, 2012. The reason that "the dog" returns a 400 Error is because you aren't escaping the string for a URL. If you do this: import urllib, urllib2 quoted_query = urllib.quote( query) host = ' =%s' % (quoted_query, page) req = urllib2.Request(host).

Or you’ll shamelessly return “HTTP 400 Bad Request” for all functional errors, and then invent your own clunky error format, with booleans, integer codes, slugs,

Developer Interface — Requests 2.18.4 documentation – Parameters: method– method for the new Request object. url– URL for the new Request object. params– (optional) Dictionary or bytes to be sent in the query string.

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Hello. I have problem with synchronization in calendar module. I want to connect odoo calendar with google calendar but odoo show this problem: HTTPError: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:Program Files (x86)Odoo", line 640,

Jun 18, 2016 · Check out this page for more details on HTTP Status Codes. from urllib2 import Request, urlopen def. urllib HTTP Error: 400 Bad Request. 1. django HTTP Error.

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I have a piece of code that calls facebook API like this: ID = str(cell.value) #ID comes from an excel spread sheetdata = json.load(urllib2.urlopen('ht

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For the full list, see Partner Center REST error codes. HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request Content-Length: 341 Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 MS-CorrelationId: c73c9570-c352-459e-98a3-dafe4bd8c821 MS-RequestId: f4f3b748.

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and when I input a query greater than one word like "the dog" i get the following error. The reason that "the dog" returns a 400 Error is because you aren't escaping.

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